With Memorial Day around the corner, it's time to get geared up for your very own Beach Club.  To get a look like Sebastian's, here is what you will need.

Colorful, plastic, and re-useable food baskets lined with pretty wax paper is the way to go for outdoor dining. Utensils wrapped in themed napkins and placed in mini paper bags make for easy carrying when your guests are helping themselves to the fixins.  Oversized, galvanized buckets are great for keeping drinks chilled on ice. Smaller buckets are great for snacks.  Lucite trays are perfect for serving, indoors or out.  Put them on your coffee table when the party is over!  Beach balls round out the theme nicely, place some in the pool (built-in or baby), on your lounge chairs, or just about anywhere.  It is definitely hard to fight the urge to kick or toss one of those. Recruit a few of your "buff" guests to don a lifeguard shirt and whistle.  We're sure they will love playing the part! If kids are on the invite list, pails, shovels, and a sprinkler or baby pool are a must.  Sand box optional!  Enjoy!

Warning: No Lifeguard on Duty!