We believe that an introduction to delicious flavors creates a love of food from the beginning and can only be achieved through homemade and wholesome food.

With a love and passion for colorful flavors and a commitment to fresh and vibrant ingredients, our private chef has a wealth of knowledge and creativity to bring to the table. 

A private NOURISH lesson with our chef in the convenience of your very own kitchen will leave you feeling confident, inspired and prepared to introduce your little one to a very yummy life.  You will have all of our delicious recipes and a week of meals for your little one to enjoy. {What is not to love about that?}

To learn more about NOURISH, visit SISSY+MARLEY.

Contact us for more information or to purchase a gift certificate at hello@sissyandmarley.com.

Image Photographed by Marco Ricca / Elsa Peretti Spoon / Hana Blomst Bowl