NAME: Catherine McCord

OCCUPATION: Founder of

RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA

PERSONAL STYLE: Comfortable but with some chic and splashes of color thrown in 


FAVORITE ACCESSORY: My Maya Brenner letter necklaces with my kids initials 

MY STYLE ICON IS: Lauren Hutton

I AM OBSESSED WITH: My Zojirushi Rice Cooker

IF WE PEEKED IN YOUR HANDBAG, WE WOULD FIND: A J Crew wallet with sequins my GF bought me (after she found out I kept my money and credit cards wrapped in a rubber band), iPhone, Mason Pierson brush and a Clare Vivier bag that totes extra goodies

YOUR GUILTIEST PLEASURE: Time alone with my husband 

5 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My MacBook, Cafe Organico Decaf, coffee Fage Yogurt, electric toothbrush, weekly trips to the farmer's market

I CAN'T WAIT TO... Sleep more then 6 hours a night

NAMES + AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN: Kenya, 4 and Chloe, 2

YOUR CHILDREN'S HOBBIES OF THE MOMENT: Art projects, jumping on the trampoline and reading.  If I let my kids do that all day they would be thrilled. 


FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A MOMMMY: Watching my kids when they discover something new for the first time. The look in their eyes and on their faces is magical!

FAVORITE FAMILY WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Shopping for what we eat that week at the farmer's market Sunday mornings

FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION SPOT: Renting a house in Malibu. It's only an hour from our house, but it feels like it's a different world (and we didn't have to get on a plane with 2 kids to get there!)

FAVORITE LABELS IN YOUR KID’S CLOSET: Bit'Z Kids, H&M and Janie & Jack (thank you grandma's)

TOP 3 GO-TO CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY GIFTS: Stella and Dot bracelets for little girls, books, books and more books (Little Pea and anything Mo Willems are always big favorites)

I HOPE MY CHILDREN... Look at me with the same love they have for us now in 20 years


Thanks Catherine!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana