NAME: Liz Lange

OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer/Retailer/Style Expert

RESIDENCE: Upper East Side, NY

PERSONAL STYLE: Classic Uptown Girl 

FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNERS: Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Trina Turk, Milly, Prada

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Chunky vintage costume jewelry, classic little black dresses and skirts in short lengths


I AM OBSESSED WITH: Sky high Manolo Blahniks, my gold men's Rolex Presidential watch from the '80s, Fendi "Forever Mama" bag, to the knee boots

IF WE PEEKED IN YOUR HANDBAG, WE WOULD FIND: Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy lipstick, my little notebook, Eve Echo hand sanitizer, Prada wallet, Shopafrolic pens, Essie Lollipop nail polish (for emergencies), spearmint gum, mu checkbook 

YOUR GUILTIEST PLEASURE: Frequent blowouts, reflexology

5 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My children, travel, NYC as my home, rich food, hot baths

I CAN'T WAIT TO... Take my children to Italy this Spring

NAMES + AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN: Gus, 13 and Alice, 11

YOUR CHILDREN'S HOBBIES OF THE MOMENT: Skateboarding for Gus, sewing and drawing for Alice

YOUR KIDS FAVORITE MEAL: Sushi, steak, and grilled fish for Gus; pizza bagels, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for Alice 

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A MOMMMY: Remembering how exciting life can be when I see it through the eyes of my kids

FAVORITE FAMILY WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Walking around the city, lunches out, movies together

FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION SPOT: Every Christmas we go to Palm Beach, Florida

FAVORITE LABELS IN YOUR KID’S CLOSET: Billabong, Volvom, Brooks Brothers for Gus; anything from Lester's, Me.N.U and Infinity for Alice (her favorite stores in NYC)

TOP 3 GO-TO CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY GIFTS: For boys, gift cards from Steiner Sports; For girls, personalize sweatshirts from Me.N.U 

I HOPE MY CHILDREN... Grow up happy! 

Thanks Liz!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana