NAME: Tara Mandy    

OCCUPATION: Publisher of Stroller Traffic and Scooter Traffic

RESIDENCE: Manhattan

PERSONAL STYLE: Most days, you’ll see me in well-fitting but non-fussy jeans, Fiorentini + Baker boots (or my red Tretorns, if I’ve got the kids in tow) and a whole lot of loose-fitting Vince and Steven Alan.

FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNERS: You mean the ones I worship or the ones I wear? How about one of each? I’m pretty obsessed with Alber Elbaz but you’ll more likely see me in Rag & Bone.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: I’ve got these insanely comfortable Chanel moccasins that I’ve had resoled about 4 times.

MY STYLE ICON IS: My best friend from college.  She always manages to look current, super-feminine, and totally comfortable.

I AM OBSESSED WITH: Crossword puzzles. Not that I ever have time to do them anymore.

IF WE PEEKED IN YOUR HANDBAG, WE WOULD FIND: Oh, man. It’s scary in there. Let’s see. An iPhoto book of my kids. Chanel Giggle lip gloss. An extra scarf (always freezing). Two wallets (can’t ever seem to fit everything in one). My totally beaten-up Hermes ideas notebook. Extra undies for my daughter, just in case. My blackberry (for emails) and my $19.99 LG phone for calls. I know, I know it’s time to consolidate and get the iPhone.

YOUR GUILTIEST PLEASURES: Domino’s and Magic Hat during Sunday Night Football.

5 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Date night. Naps. Cheese. Email. Every lucky moment with my kids.

I CAN'T WAIT TO... Start traveling again.

NAMES + AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN: Greta, 4; Henry, 1.

YOUR CHILDREN'S HOBBIES OF THE MOMENT:  Greta is really into puzzles; Henry is just getting the hang of spinning to make himself dizzy.

YOUR KIDS FAVORITE MEAL: Turkey meatballs and brussel sprouts. No joke.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A MOMMMY: Oh, that’s easy. The giggles and snuggles.


FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION SPOT: We haven’t done much traveling as a family yet. But let me just say that I hope our kids like the Caribbean as much as we do.

FAVORITE LABELS IN YOUR KIDS CLOSET: Appaman for Henry, Nana G for Greta. Don’t bother Googling Nana G. You won’t find it. It’s my mom’s private label collection. She sews all of Greta’s dresses by hand.

TOP 3 GO-TO CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY GIFTS: Magna-Tiles. Shrinky Dinks. Name Your Tune.

I HOPE MY CHILDREN... Grow up to be cup-is-half-full kind of people.

Thanks Tara!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana 

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