NAME: Amy Williams

OCCUPATION: President of Citizens of Humanity and Goldsign Jeans


PERSONAL STYLE: Classic with a bit of a bohemian influence

FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNERS: Chloe, Derek Lam, Moncler, Celine, and currently obsessed with Alaia’s designs, handbags and shoes

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: My Reed Krakoff Bag, big enough to hold everything and designed well enough to keep it all organized

MY STYLE ICON IS: Gwyneth Paltrow, Emanuelle Alt, Jane Birkin

I AM OBSESSED WITH: My children, inspiration boards, books and great black and white photography, RTH Designs (a treasure of a shop in West Hollywood), the new Urban Zen Store in LA

IF WE PEEKED IN YOUR HANDBAG, WE WOULD FIND: Tata Harper Aromatherapy Oil, my iphone with tons of instagram photos of the kids and Mr. W, Ito En Green Tea, Australian Vogue, Vogue Living or British Harper’s Bazaar, a Perfect Foods Bar in peanut butter, my Celine aviators in a gorgeous white case

GUILTIEST PLEASURES: Reading magazines, a day at International Orange in SF, a weekend with Mr W. at San Ysidro Ranch

5 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My family, really good coffee, laughter, great jeans and my cameras

I CAN'T WAIT TO... Travel abroad as a family, truly learn the practice of meditation, get some sleep

NAMES AND AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN: Emma Grace 2 ½, Evelyn 2 ½, Ben 9, Sophie 11, Jackson 13

YOUR CHILDREN’S HOBBIES OF THE MOMENT: For the girls: art, hiking, playing with their older brother and sister’s friends, trips to the zoo and animals of any kind. For Ben: sports!, football, soccer and basketball. For Sophie: girl talk (yes, at this age, its become a hobby), cooking, soccer, volleyball and clothes.  For Jackson: xbox 360, football, music, dancing (he is an amazing dancer and we have no idea where he got it from)

YOUR KIDS FAVORITE MEAL: Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce, a huge salad (ok, just Sophie likes that) and salted almond ice cream sundaes.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A MOMMMY: Experiencing everything as if it is for the first time. The pure joy and love that is inside of me all the time.  And doing the things that I always wanted to do with my own Mom (or did in some cases)

FAVORITE FAMILY WEEKEND ACTIVITY: At the end of a busy day of sports, having friends over, hanging out and cooking a casual dinner, the conversation, laughs and most often games that are played are pure delight.


FAVORITE LABELS IN YOUR KID'S CLOSET: Peek…Aren’t You Curious, Pink Chicken, Crewcuts, Trico Field, Stella McCartney

TOP 3 GO-TO CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY GIFTS: Books (Blackie, The Story Book Wolves from Lauren Child, The Little Prince, Nicolas), Lego Architect Series, Kid-O Toys (for the younger set), a pile of accessories from Crewcuts, posters and treasures from Famille Summerbelle.

I HOPE MY CHILDREN... Know unending love, are kind and empathetic, have an adventurous spirit and follow their bliss.

Thanks Amy!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana

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