NAME: Melissa Davis 

OCCUPATION: Founder and Co-Owner of Ruby Press, a boutique PR agency


PERSONAL STYLE: It’s funny…it changes from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer.  I’m a much more bohemian dresser in the summer.  I wear a lot of dresses, kurtas, sandals and layers of jewelry.  In the winter, I become a bit more utilitarian.  I dress much preppier and it’s usually about a big, slouchy cashmere sweater and skinny jeans and a chic little patent flat.

FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNERS: I love Marni, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Chris Benz, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel…but truthfully I wear a lot of J. Crew mixed with vintage that I’ve collected over the years.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: It always changes, but right now it would be a vintage rhinestone necklace lent to me by a friend.  It’s a bit over the top which I love.  And I like it best dressed down with a sweatshirt.

MY STYLE ICON IS: I don’t really have a favorite style icon.  I’m inspired by so many things…street style, friends, flea markets and vintage fairs.

I AM OBSESSED WITH: Sweets.  Which I think translates to style for me as well.  I can’t get enough pink.  I wear a lot of pink (a neon pink is my favorite) and just bought a salmon pink Chesterfield sofa for the office.

IF WE PEEKED IN YOUR HANDBAG, WE WOULD FIND:  A mess! I’m a very organized person, but my bag doesn’t really reflect that.  Right now you would find a hot pink quilted Kate Spade wallet (which makes spending money even more fun!), my rose-covered Cath Kidston makeup bag, a Trina Turk embroidered sunglass case (although the sunglasses are floating around in my bag), my dead-stock vintage eyeglasses, a pacifier, a half-eaten bag of French candies from Cost Plus World Market, about 10 of my favorite pens (how do they always end up in my purse?), and a few hair ties.  My handbag is a vintage (late 70’s) Louis Vuitton Speedy from Simply Chic, a great designer consignment boutique in San Francisco which goes with everything and can fit so much!

YOUR GUILTIEST PLEASURE: Suntanning.  I know I shouldn’t do it, but I love the feel of the sun on my skin and I love a little tan. It’s now even more of a luxury as I never have time anymore (since the birth of Sammy)!

5 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My family (husband, son, and dog!), my team at Ruby Press (we have an amazing team!), my iPad (where I read most of my magazines these days), candy, and online shopping. 

I CAN'T WAIT TO... Watch my son grow up.  (But not too fast!)  Every age feels like the best age, but it will be so fun when Sammy can talk with us beyond the few words he uses now.

NAME+ AGE OF YOUR CHILD: Sammy,17 months olD 

YOUR CHILD'S HOBBIES OF THE MOMENT: Playing with his cars and trains, open-mouth kissing our 100-lb dog Huck, playing at the park, and “reading” his books.  He flips the pages and speaks in nonsense words.

YOUR KIDS FAVORITE MEAL: Pasta!  Hands down.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A MOMMMY: Pretty much everything! I think my husband and I border on being obsessed with our little guy!

FAVORITE FAMILY WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Any time spent with Sammy is the best.  He’s great in restaurants and usually flirts with the server.  The last time we were out with him he tried a french fry for the first time and he loved it so much, he did a wiggly little dance in his highchair, which we now call the “french fry dance”.

FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION SPOT: Taking Sammy to NYC, where I lived for 8 years, was pretty great. He went ‘swimming’ for the first time in Palm Springs, which is one of my very favorite getaway spots.  It’s a quick trip so we don’t waste time traveling and there is so little to do there but hang out by the pool which I love.

FAVORITE LABELS IN YOUR KIDS CLOSET: I love the kids clothes from Boden, H&M and Zara.  American Apparel is great for basics, but very favorite is Crewcuts by J. Crew.  I love some of the little boy clothing so much I’ve bought several things in size 12 or 14 for myself!

TOP 3 GO-TO CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY GIFTS: Wee Gallery art cards for babies, classic children’s books from my childhood and I can’t resist buying cute kids clothes (although when I do, I try to buy a toy too).

I HOPE MY CHILD... Has a fun-filled, happy childhood and is a fulfilled, kind, happy adult.  I hope he finds true love.


Thanks Melissa!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana

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