Meet Natalie, Victoria's mommy, who called upon our VIRTUALLY CHIC (e-design) service to decorate her nursery.  

How did you find out about SISSY+MARLEY’s services?

I was discussing interior design with a friend of mine who had used sissy+marley for her son’s nursery.  She recommended their services.  At that point, I wasn’t sure I wanted help decorating Victoria’s nursery.  She told me to check out their blog and it was love at first sight.  I LOVE their taste.  They are amazingly talented and especially specialized when it comes to finding all things hip and chic for babies and kids – whether its children’s design, toys, fashion, etc.  They are a true “treasure trove” and I have to admit, I am obsessed!

Why did you decide to enlist the services of a decorator for your nursery?

A few months before Victoria’s birth, we moved into a new house and I had a clean slate for decorating my children’s rooms. When I finally had our girl after three wonderful boys, I was overwhelmed with the number of style directions the nursery could take.  I had dreamed of creating this nursery for years, and when it was finally time, I wasn’t sure how to resource and pull together all the elements of the specific style that I envisioned.  I wanted her room to be very special – a room that was sophisticated, feminine, contemporary and ultra chic – sweet, but not too babyish – clean, but not too boring.  It had to be pink!

Why e-design versus full service design?

This nursery means a lot to me.  I wanted to play a big part in its design, as well as put my heart into its creation and execution.  I love design and fashion so purchasing all the amazing pieces for Victoria’s room and receiving these treasures in the mail each day made the process so much fun.  It was exciting to spearhead the design of a room I cared so much about and watch it evolve, piece by piece, into a beautifully tailored finished look.  There are so many other advantages to an e-design – you can order at your own leisure (though I couldn’t wait to order everything), selectively order the items chosen without pressure (warning:  you will want to order EVERYTHING sissy+marley chooses), take advantage of online promotions and discounts (which I did), and even allow relatives and friends to purchase pieces for the room as presents.  E-design made the whole design process more personal, less intense, more fun, and less expensive than using a full service design. I highly recommend it. Every time I walk into Victoria’s room, I smile, knowing that I was so intimately involved in its creation and execution. I invested a lot of love and care in making her room as special as it is.

Can you describe your experience with the e-design process? 

It was so much fun and exciting.  I completed a questionnaire and e-mailed pictures and ideas, giving sissy+marley a sense of my style and what I was looking for in Victoria’s nursery.  I wanted Victoria’s crib to be unique and I plan to use it as a toddler bed when she outgrows it.  So, I also e-mailed them different ideas for contemporary cribs that I liked and we decided on the Duc Duc Campaign crib with pink cerused oak end panels and white leather panel interiors. That became the backdrop for designing the rest of the room. A few weeks later, I received an online catalog with links for purchasing everything else that I needed to complete this dream nursery.  I had a great experience because I received a lot more personal attention than I could have ever imagined. From start to finish, sissy+marley were immediately responsive to all my questions, concerns, and implementation issues and even thwarted an attempt or two to go off tangent from the style direction of the nursery that I wanted.  They also graciously made several introductions to contacts they had in the industry for ordering items in the room. They are amazing listeners and held my hand every step of the way. They are very comprehensive, detail oriented and really do put their heart in every project. They went above and beyond what I expected from an e-service.

Did you have an initial design direction before starting the process?

When I initially consulted with sissy+marley, I threw out the idea of reusing some furniture that I had purchased for my boys. Thankfully (as I chuckle now) they dissuaded me from doing so.  I wanted the room to be very unique – girly, without being overdone as well as ultra chic -- and the room is perfectly so.  It started off very sophisticated, feminine and soft. I also wanted the room to have a little edge to make it ageless and especially stylish, so we added the different color pinks, hot pink birdhouses and a sequin beaked swan.

What do you think of Victoria's completed nursery?

I love it. It’s my favorite room in the house and I love retreating to it every night to put Victoria to bed after an active day of dodging balls and playing with my boys.  Its very calming, dreamy, breathtaking and a bit surreal!  My boys love her room too! They can’t get enough of her girly books, wooden gumball machine, ghost chair and pouf which they sit on to read books with me and Victoria. It is so different from what they are accustomed to and it reminds them of everything girly that they love about having a sister.  It’s hard to keep them out!

What is your favorite piece in the room?

I love everything in the room, especially the Tamar Mogendorff, Jess Brown and Atsuyo et Akiko pieces.

What advice you would give to others considering e-design?

Decide on it - It’s a great alternative to full service design and gives you more control over the process, cost, and outcome and makes the end product so much more personally rewarding.

Thanks so much Natalie!

Three Kisses Chelsea, Rachel and Diana